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June 06 2016


Character Watches For the kids

Peppa pig
Are you teaching your child how to tell time? Have you thought to make learning how to tell enough time fun by using character watches.

Children are apt to have a favourite character they watch on tv or perhaps in kids animations and flicks. For the boys it might be Buzz Lightyear, Woody as well as the gang from Toy Story, Lightning McQueen as well as the Disney Cars, superhero Spider-man or Ben 10 and his awesome alien force.

ids animation

For that girls, your child could be a fan of the sweet Disney Princesses - Sleeping Beauty, Ariel, White or Belle or Barbie. For the youngsters, maybe your child is a fan of Dora the adventurous explorer, Thomas the Train, the singing and dancing Wiggles, the Chuggington trains or Bob the Builder.

Look for a character that the child really loves to make it much more personal and encouraging for them of their efforts of learning how to tell enough time. Anyone can go with a await your kids. Character watches can be bought in both analogue and digital display faces. You must find the watch based on your child's age and at the right level of their time deciphering skills. Pick a watch that features a clear face which has a display sufficient for your child to only see the numerals.

A character look for small children is an ideal strategy to encourage learning basic skills of learning to tell enough time in a fun and non threatening environment. Whenever they're on trips and even know very well what time it is, they're able to always have the opportunity to grow their skills and development.

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